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Discount vouchers:

Please ask for a 12,5% discount on fare with our taxiservice using a City Card Liberec, TUL Student Card including ISIC license, ITIC Card or SphereCard. The only thing you have to do to get a cheaper fare is to show one of the cards above to the driver before the ride. No other taxiservice in Liberec will offer you this kind of discount!

Addition of a vehicle directly to the main bus station:

Our taxiservice has an exclusive allowance to enter the main bus station in Liberec. On behalf of your absolute convenience, we will drive you straight to your bus or pick you up right after your bus arrives to the station. Don’t walk anywehere, don’t look for a taxi anywhere else – our cars will be waiting for you inside of the main bus station..

The lowest starting fare:

What we appreciate the most is your loyalty! That is why we offer you a high quality service, but also the cheapest starting fare at only CZK 22.


Are you flying on a holiday? Are you reluctant of paying very expensive parking spots at the airport? Do you hate bothering your friends with having to take you to the airport? Call our taxiservice! We will take you to the Ruzyne airport and when you get back, we will pick you up again and bring you home safely and conveniently.

Family & company events:

Are you tired of looking for a driver for your events? Don’t look any further! We will arrange for transfers for larger groups of people wherever you wish.

Transfers by our cars:

We will ensure a confortable and top quality transportation within the city of Liberec as well as out of the region, any time during the day and night, at the cehapest rate.


Have you ever thought of driving after you had some alcohol? Have you ever risked loosing your driving license or causing an accident? Please don’t anymore! We will solve your problem, just call our taxiservice. Two professional drivers will come for you, one will drive your car wherever you will need and you will be watching it safely from one of our cars driving behind. The tax is double the regular fare. BleskTaxi s.r.o. was the first one to offer this service!

Addition of a vehicle free of charge:

As it is not your problem from where we are going when picking you up, we started offering an addition of a vehicle for free. This way you will not have to pay large amounts of money without covering a single meter.

Children’s seat shell:

When travelling with your children out of the city limits, it is necessary to provide a children’s safety shell. You can use your own or contact our Call-service well in advance (1 hour before your planned transfer). We will then arrange for a safety shell for your child accordingly. When transferring within the city, a safety seat shell is not necessary as taxiservices own an exception based on zk. 361/2000 §6.

Basic information

Blesk Taxi Liberec
  • (+420) 485 111  888
  • (+420) 773 003 003
  • (+420) 602 46 00 47
  • (+420) 800 11 33 33
The lowest fares in Liberec
Addition of a vehicle for free
12,5% discount vouchers


  • Radio Beat
    Radio Beat
    Víc muziky. Hlavní mediální partner společnosti BleskTaxi s.r.o

  • FC Slovan Liberec
    FC Slovan Liberec
    Fotbalový liberecký klub

  • Autobusové nádraží Liberec
    Autobusové nádraží Liberec
    Autobusová linková doprava

  • Městská karta Liberec
    Městská karta Liberec
    Městská multifunkční karta - každý držitel této karty má u naší taxislužby slevu 12,5%

  • Karta opuscard
    Karta opuscard
    Karta opuscard je bezkontaktní čipová karta, která je po celém světě i v České republice využívaná především... - každý držitel této karty má u naší taxislužby slevu 12,5%

  • BENEFIT Program
    KBENEFIT Program
    Karta Benefit - slevová karta, výhody v mnoha ohledech

  • Panda
    Bar, dámské a pánské kadeřnictví, modeláž nehtů, masáže a solární studio. Vše pro Vaši krásu.

    Více zde
  • Caffé Panda Bar
  • Lidové sady Liberec
    Lidové sady Liberec
    Park kultury a oddechu v Lidových sadech, dětský koutek, experimentální studio a vyhlídková vež.

  • Barbar
  • PLAUDIT - Cocktail Sport Bar
    PLAUDIT - Cocktail Sport Bar
    Velkoplošná projekce * Více než 100 druhů cocktailů * Velký výběr alko - nealko nápojů.

  • Pizza Ponte
    Pizza Ponte

  • Pizza Milenium


You can find our cars here

  • tř. 1. Máje (Na Rybníčku) exkluzivně BleskTAXI
    tř. 1. Máje
  • nám. Dr. Edvarda Beneše
    nám. Dr. Edvarda Beneše
  • Fügnerova
  • Autobusové nádraží
    Autobusové nádraží

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  • Barbar

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